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Hugo and Ted

Summer Light-Weight Dog Slings

Summer Light-Weight Dog Slings

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Shop our summer cotton dog slings, the perfect carrying aid for dogs who can’t walk long distances, are elderly or disabled, to help with carrying on public transport and so much more.

- Made from luxury four way stretch cotton, soft fabric
- One size fits all, the stretch of the cotton fabric allows for dogs from 1kg to a recommended maximum carrying weight of 10kg
- Soft and comfortable we recommend always using an arm to support your dog’s back
- Ideal for use to help carrying for longer periods of time
- Or just perfect for snuggling!
- New option to choose a slightly longer strap for larger hoomans and dogs within our weight limit *please be aware this makes slings customised to you and therefore non-refundable

Please note, our summer slings arrive smaller than the fleece version due to their very stretchy nature. Whilst we try our hardest to ensure colours are advertised accurately please be aware that they may vary due to the nature of fabric dyeing.

*We do not recommend letting your dog hang freely in our slings. Slings should be used at the owner’s discretion, if your dog is wriggly or likely to jump from the sling we recommend using positive training to get them used to the sling before using it in a public place. Always seek advice from a vet if your dog is injured or needs to be carried with a medical condition. As an owner you know your dog best, if your dog is not comfortable do not force your dog into any position whilst using the sling, we recommend sitting your dog horizontally in the sling.

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