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Snuffle Mats

Snuffle Mats

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Help us use our off-cuts with our snuffle mats.

Four colour selections:
- Mixed: A mix of colours, no preference on the colour scheme
- Girl: Pinks/Reds/Orange/Light Colours
- Boy: Blues/Greys/Dark Colours
- Neutral: Beige/Creams/Browns

*Please note that we make snuffle mats to use our fabric waste and therefore cannot guarantee an exact replica of any mat.

Treat your dog to a mystery snuffle mat made from our fleece off-cuts, they’re tied to rubber mats which are durable, long lasting and if you need to refill your mat at any time, send us a message and we will send off-cut replacements to you.

Ideal for slow feeding, scatter your dogs treats or dinner inside the mat as a long lasting treat or enrichment game.

Product information:
- Two sizes:
Standard: approximately 30 by 20cm
Large: approximately 30 by 40 cm
- 100% fleece off-cuts tied tightly around the holes in the durable rubber mat

*We recommend snuffle mats are used at your own discretion. Dogs should always be supervised when using any of our products, snuffle mats should not be chewed or ingested. Hugo and Ted will not be liable if any product is damaged, ingested or chewed and owners should check products regularly for signs of wear and tear.

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