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Hugo and Ted

Neoprene Dog Coats

Neoprene Dog Coats

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Our made to measure, neoprene dog coats! Offers complete body protection for your dog in all weather conditions. Four way stretch ensures no restriction of movement, helps to keep the tummy clean on muddy walks and provides some chest protection from brambles and barbed wire.

- 100% polyester fabric
- Made to measure
- Breathable, thermal
- Stretchy, non-restrictive and ideal for active dogs
- Machine washable

- Please ensure that you follow our measurement guide and always round any measurements that aren't a whole number up to the next nearest number. Check that 1 inch = 2.5cm. We do not measure like other brands and if you do not follow our guide there is no guarantee your item will fit correctly.

- All jumpers are made to these measurements, if you require any room please add this to the measurements you provide. We DO NOT automatically add room for puppies so please specify If you need any room for growth - it’s really important you add this to the measurements you provide so we know how much room to add!

- We advise that you never leave young puppies or dogs unattended whilst wearing any dog coat. Some pets do not appreciate wearing dog clothing so please be cautious when using an item for the first time.

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