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Hugo and Ted

Heritage Collection Box Beds

Heritage Collection Box Beds

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At Hugo and Ted we want to be as eco-friendly as we can be. We have huge amount of fabric off-cuts which would normally go to waste so help us to use our fabric remnants with our box beds!

- Luxury textured, high quality upholstery fabric (texture varies between designs)
- Machine washable, removable inner pillows and waterproof bottom
- Completely removable covers
- Thick, comfy and cosy
- Separate pillows inside stuffed with fabric offcuts to minimise our waste, mixed with eco-friendly polyester filling to keep them light and plump
- Hugo and Ted branded
- Eco-friendly, su-paw comfy and stylish

Available in two sizes:
Standard: Inner dimensions approx: 45cm x 45cm
Large: Inner dimensions approx: 55cm x 55cm
(Both beds are approximately 40cm tall)

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